#61 – Repressive Forkout

3 Nov

Repressive Forkout (Live, Dec 1984)
Repressive Forkout at Pulpwiki

Genre magpies as they were, 80s Pulp generally steered clear of metal, understandably considering the most successful Sheffield band of the time were Def Leppard. “Repressive Forkout” is the exception, though – an experiment in a different form. A listenable enough, dead-end of an experiment.

The main reason for the existence of Repressive Forkout is the riff. And what a riff it is! Almost enough to carry an entire song – which is presumably the reason they didn’t bother developing it any further. The following two and a half minutes feature a great deal of shouting and noisy thrashing and not a lot else.

For years this track was known as “Respect her, Reject her” since these two phrases constituted nearly half of the lyrics, and no setlist had become available. An interview with Russell for “Truth & Beauty” revealed the true title.

“We never really finished it. Manners came up with the title – because it was a loud, trashy punk thing, it made sense to give it a muck UK Subs, Sham 69 sort of title – you know, ‘repressive forkout, maaan!”

Only a working title for an unfinished song – and very little chance of either title or song being worked on further – and that’s all we’ve got.


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