#80 – 82 – Odds and Ends

16 Mar


The ‘Freaks’ era is a lot better documented than the ealy 80s, and the vast majority of songs have turned up in one form or another, largely due to the availability of the Sudan Gerri and Ping Pong Jerry demos from 1984. Toward the end of Pulp MK3 there are a few that slipped between the cracks, though – none of them seeming to be of great value, but worth mentioning nonetheless.
It goes without saying that I have never heard any of these songs.

#80 – I’ve Got a Dream for You

Recorded only on one of Jarvis’s drawer-full of practice tapes, and never played live, this song is only known of due to it being a favourite of Pete Mansell, who listed it as his 10th favourite Pulp song in a ‘Pulp People’ newsletter. Written during rehearsals in the garage in 1985, it started slowly, went fast for a bit, slowed down again, and then finished. As highly as Manners rates it, it’s unlikely ever to be heard unless Jarvis decides to start releasing practice tapes to the general public. This is not going to happen.

#81 – A Day In The Life Of…

Unreleased and unavailable, this also failed to make it out of rehearsals, and its title is only known from a mention in a 1995 Pulp People newsletter.

#82 – Tomorrow

This one is more likely to turn up, as it was played live at least once, in the less than auspicious surroundings of the Chesterfield Conservative Club, where it was listed as ‘new’ on the setlist. It featured Magnus on his kettledrum, Russell on his violin and “Jarvis screaming.” Quoted in ‘Truth & Beauty’, Russell said that “it didn’t stay in the set for very long because we realised very quickly that it was fucking awful” – so it doesn’t seem that we’re missing much here.


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