End of Part Three (nearly there…)

27 Jul


The 1980s were over, and good riddance to them. Pulp had an album in the can, press attention and a growing live following – you could say that their decade had finally come. The first couple of years weren’t going to be an easy ride, though, and would have to be spent escaping the labyrinthine financial and legal trouble they’d inadvertently got themselves into. It’s a wonder the band survived it all.

‘Separations’ meanwhile, would end up being released nearly three years after they started recording it, held up in the Fire vaults by the Rough Trade liquidation, the aforementioned legal issues, and the usual delays they’d had with Freaks. By the end of 1992, the band had moved on again, to the point where once more the songs were no longer in their live set – even more so than for Freaks – and as an added kicker it was released on the same day as “O.U.”

Separations isn’t the perfect Pulp album, but it’s superb nonetheless, an improvised, stitched together, experimental pop labour of love. It inspires a great deal of affection among fans, and you can see why. As usual, though, I’m going to suggest an alternate track listing, more suited to my taste, though I’m certain others will disagree with my inclusions and exclusions. My main change has been to rejig side A, give the record a better narrative flow, and separate the Slavic from the disco to the greatest effect.

Here’s the tracklisting.

1. Love is Blind
2. Don’t You Want Me Anymore (LP Version)
3. Rattlesnake (FON demo)
4. Separations
5. Death Goes To The Disco
6. Countdown
7. My Legendary Girlfriend
8. Death II
9. This House Is Condemned

So, not that different from the original then. I toyed with changing ‘Countdown’ to the 7″ mix and changing ‘My Legendary Girlfriend to the Caff single version, but in the end I decided they worked best just as they are.

As usual this is your time to share your track listing, or just your thoughts about this album. The comments box is down there, go on then….


2 Responses to “End of Part Three (nearly there…)”

  1. D.S 27/07/2013 at 7:10 pm #

    I haven’t heard ‘Seperations’ in a while. It’s an interesting record as a demonstration of of a group finding their voice. You can hear Jarvis growing in confidence in particular. Compare the awkward warbling on something like ‘Dogs Are Everywhere’ with the way he loses himself in the songs on this album.

  2. Gov. 28/07/2013 at 5:48 pm #

    Death Comes to Town over Disco, the 7″ Countdown, and Down by the River and She’s Dead restored to Side B, and cut This House Is Condemned.

    Perfect Album.

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